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Bubble Urinal Screens Deodoriser Ocean Mist Fragrance Box of 200 Screens

Bubble Urinal Screens Deodoriser Ocean Mist Fragrance Box of 200 Screens

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Our Bubble Urinal Mats are a new patented design created with a bubble and bristle style for optimum splash back protection. With this latest innovation, these toilet air freshener screens will ensure that your urinals are free from bad odours and stains, allowing less clean-up time. Our toilet smell eliminator mat uses premium essential oils that work to eradicate strong, unpleasant odours while leaving your toilets filled with apple aromas and fresh air. Made with fully recyclable materials, our urinal screens are created with great care for the environment to contribute to a greener world.


Always go to the bathroom when you have a chance (King George V). Always have your bathrooms smelling fresh (Alwees fresh). Your bathrooms should smell fresh and look clean. Alwees fresh has unrivalled urinal screens that guarantee satisfaction for your customers, your staff and your cleaners! Our urinal screens offer: Innovative design that minimises splashing, long lasting pleasant fragrance which lasts between 30-50 days, Top quality hardwearing material that is friendly to the environment, Shields your urinals from unwanted debris, Fits most urinals including waterless. Keeping your facilities fresh and clean are an investment for your business. You are 1 click away from transforming them!


15 x 15 x 0.9cm
5.9 x 5.9 x 0.35in

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  • Fresh Toilet & Happy Customers

    Alwees Fresh Bubble Urinal Screens are a new design created to eliminate bad odours. Designed to combat even the most pungent of smells, this screen will keep your toilet always smelling fresh & clean.

  • Bad Odour Eliminating Fragrance

    This urinal deodoriser features a Ocean Mist scent lasting more than 30 days. Infused with essentials oils, it contains powerful properties that remove those stinky, bad odours while spreading pleasant aromas.

  • Professional Splash Back Protection

    A new revolution in urinal mats, these toilet fresheners are made with a bubble & bristle design that prevents splash back, keeping your customers clean & dry and your toilet free from nasty smells & stains.

  • Widely Used

    This urinal screen fits all kinds of urinals including kids. It is made for heavily-trafficked establishments such as hotels, schools, malls, pubs, restaurants, airports, tennis/golf clubs, or anywhere where there are men's restrooms.

  • Recyclable Material

    To protect the environment, Alwees Fresh urinal pads are made from 100% fully recyclable materials. With a commitment to contribute to a greener world, these toilet urinal fresheners will not sit in landfills for thousands of years.